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Ultra-bright L.E.D. lighting
Made from high-grade aluminum alloy
3 different lighting modes
19.95 19.95 USD
Charge with hand crank, solar panels, USB or 3 AAA batteries
Charge your phone so you can call for help
AM/FM/NOAA for emergency weather updates
Signal for help with flashing light and high-pitched S.O.S. alarm
19.95 19.95 USD
Dual lighting capabilities
Magnetic back for hands-free use
Comes with attack head for emergencies
Waterproof charging hole
24.95 24.95 USD
5 lighting modes
Rotating zoom for short/long range lighting
Comes with attack head for emergencies
Waterproof charging hole
34.95 34.95 USD
Built to survive extreme conditions
4 light settings for maximum visibility in any conditions
Completely hands-free ultra-bright lighting
Great for camping, emergencies or a midnight jog
34.95 34.95 USD
Built-in battery that keeps your light charged
6 hours of lighting when there’s a blackout
Don’t have to search for flashlights or dangerous candles
Stay safe and be prepared for when you lose power
39.95 39.95 USD
Costs pennies per month to operate
Charges all day. Works all night.
39.95 39.95 USD
Ultra-bright L.E.D. lighting
Lightweight and easy-to-pack
Durable construction to handle extreme conditions
52.95 52.95 USD
Virtually indestructible
Water resistant plating
Three convenient lighting settings
Comes with three rechargeable batteries
56.95 56.95 USD
EFX LED Lights 4 Pack
No installation required- just point and click
16 different colors to choose from
10 bright L.E.D. lights in each disc
Powered by 3 AAA batteries
67.95 67.95 USD
Save money on your electric bill
Always have a bright light to come home to
Scare away burglars with your automatic lights
Smart sensor that detects when the sun goes down
98.95 98.95 USD
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