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Ultra-bright L.E.D. lighting
Lightweight and easy-to-pack
Durable construction to handle extreme conditions
52.95 52.95 USD
Ultra-bright L.E.D. lighting
Made from high-grade aluminum alloy
3 different lighting modes
19.95 19.95 USD
Costs pennies per month to operate
Charges all day. Works all night.
39.95 39.95 USD
Save money on your electric bill
Always have a bright light to come home to
Scare away burglars with your automatic lights
Smart sensor that detects when the sun goes down
98.95 98.95 USD
EFX LED Lights 4 Pack
No installation required- just point and click
16 different colors to choose from
10 bright L.E.D. lights in each disc
Powered by 3 AAA batteries
67.95 67.95 USD
Virtually indestructible
Water resistant plating
Three convenient lighting settings
Comes with three rechargeable batteries
56.95 56.95 USD
Built-in battery that keeps your light charged
6 hours of lighting when there’s a blackout
Don’t have to search for flashlights or dangerous candles
Stay safe and be prepared for when you lose power
39.95 39.95 USD
5 lighting modes
Rotating zoom for short/long range lighting
Comes with attack head for emergencies
Waterproof charging hole
34.95 34.95 USD
Dual lighting capabilities
Magnetic back for hands-free use
Comes with attack head for emergencies
Waterproof charging hole
24.95 24.95 USD
Charge with hand crank, solar panels, USB or 3 AAA batteries
Charge your phone so you can call for help
AM/FM/NOAA for emergency weather updates
Signal for help with flashing light and high-pitched S.O.S. alarm
19.95 19.95 USD
Built to survive extreme conditions
4 light settings for maximum visibility in any conditions
Completely hands-free ultra-bright lighting
Great for camping, emergencies or a midnight jog
34.95 34.95 USD
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